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Will my dog overheat in the summer months

Q: Will my dog overheat in the summer months?
A: Answer is no way Jose! There is no way your dog will overheat and thats because when they are outside I am always with them. I understand that some dog breeds are more hit by the heat then others. I have dogs with double and triple winter coats year round, never had 1 problem. They also have soooo much shade that its ridiculous. I have a huge walnut tree in the back as well as 2 very large mulberry bushes that give shade plus my 6 ft fence helps out as my yard is made up of 2 large hills that help the sun set earlier. Dogs also have constant water and my deck has an awning that protects against the sun and weather. Despite what photos show dogs are also not constantly outside 24/7 but they are dogs so I let them play as much as possible!

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